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Jul 01, 2008
Sherwood Scuba takes on a Mack Truck

Dear Sherwood,
Hello! I have been diving Sherwood gear since 1990 and own three
sets of Maximus regulators. As a testament to Sherwood gear
being bullet proof I want to share a story with you.
My gear bag with everything in it besides tank and weights (all
Sherwood) blew out of my boat while being towed down the
interstate at 70 mph. It then was struck by a semi and thrown
from the highway into the woods over fifty yards from the road.
The only damage sustained was a few holes in the dive bag and
zipper damage. Even my fins lying in the middle of the road and hit
repeatedly by cars were fine.
It was a heart wrenching moment, but because of the quality of
Sherwood gear, I can dive this stuff another 20 years!! Totally
unbelievable! But I am thankful. I would never dive another
Thank you!
R. Keech
MY Dive Bag:
Maximus regulators
Shadow Octos
Freedom BC with AKONA Pro Kit
Avid BC with AKONA Pro Kit
Magnum Masks with snorkels
Genesis Fins
AKONA Wetsuits

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