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May 26, 2008

I Have just bought a new Sherwood set up. New AVID BCD,
Wisdom2 and an SR1 regulator. The Australian distributor told me that I am
only the second person in the country to have bought one, and the first
buyer had to go back to work (at some remote mine site) straight after
buying his, so I believe that I might very well be the first Australian to
have dived with an SR1!

Got in 2 dives yesterday to test it all out, and while I can say that I am
really happy with my new Wisdom2 (although I am going to have to practice
using it more to get the most out of it.....) and the AVID is just superb, I
just can't say enough good things about the SR1. I mean I have really run
out of superlatives! It delivered enough air: effortlessly, at any depth and
it never struggled at any angle or position either . And did I mention that
it was light on the mouth? It was just so good.

Well done Sherwood, you've won a fan for life here.

Paul Kelly. Perth - Australia

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