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Feb 15, 2016
From SR1 to SR2

When I started my Pro-Diving Career, I was not very savvy about the pros and cons of different regulators. So I took the advice of my mentor and what I got was the much praised SR1 from Sherwood Scuba. I love it and I still dive it today, 7 years later… Since then, I’ve done my research and I’ve tested out numerous regulators and I keep coming back to my SR1. A lightweight, easy breathing regulator, it has been very good to me, even when I haven’t been real good to it. But after seven years, I should keep up with the latest and greatest.

So, I am now thinking of a replacement, and thankfully Sherwood hasn’t just sat back enjoying the success of the SR1 but has kept up the momentum and produced a successor, the aptly named SR2.
I took the regulator with me on a diving trip to Grand Bahamas, going from shallow reefs to deep wrecks. The SR2 has a work of breathing performance of 0.5 joules/liter at 165 fsw with an RMV of 62.5. (These figures could be written in Latin as far as I’m concerned, because, bottom-line, all I’m interested in is how this regulator performs under proper diving conditions.)

After initially playing with the BRA control and very quickly finding the optimal setting for my own breathing style, this regulator provided one of, if not, the smoothest and easiest breathing experiences I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying under water.

The purge was both easy use and easy to locate and depress. It gave a really progressive delivery of gas, clearing any unwanted sea water from the mouthpiece with ease and it did it without giving me the chipmunk cheeks or rattling my tonsils. The mouthpiece is small and combined with the lightweight first stage, caused not strain at all on my jaw muscles. This added to the already impressive comfort level. The exhaust ports are fixes and narrow but sent the bubbles away from my face.

If you are looking for a regulator that will take you anywhere…. you found it. The SR2 is the first recommendation I give any customer who wants quality and comfort!

Jeff Currer
Owner, Patriot Scuba
Occoquan, VA

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