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Please be aware that not every business that sells, advertises and/or promotes Sherwood Scuba products is an Authorized Sherwood Scuba Retailer.
Why is this important?
Because manufacturer warranties on Sherwood Scuba products are valid only if purchased from an Authorized Sherwood Scuba Retailer. It is critical to Sherwood Scuba that every customer receives only the highest quality product support and maintenance service on their Sherwood Scuba products. Our name has been synonymous with quality, reliability, and durability for 50 years, and our products are used by recreational divers, professionals and dive resorts around the globe. To ensure that every customer receives the same high level of service, anywhere in the world, Sherwood Scuba has established its Authorized Retailer network.
What does it mean to be
an Authorized Sherwood
Scuba Retailer?
Every Authorized Sherwood Scuba Retailer undergoes a thorough background check and is required to maintain rigorous standards to preserve their status as an Authorized Sherwood Scuba Retailer. Authorized Retailers, for example, are required to employ trained and knowledgeable staff, to offer a wide variety of products for sale, and to support Sherwood Scuba pricing policies and product promotions. Our Authorized Sherwood Scuba Retailers are trained professionals that offer instructional courses, can recommend appropriate equipment for your dive trip, will repair and service equipment, and most important, will ensure that you have a positive and informative in-store experience.
To determine if a retailer is an Authorized Sherwood Scuba Retailer, look for this Notice or the Sherwood Scuba Authorized Retailer logo wherever Sherwood Scuba products are sold, or please visit our website at www.sherwoodscuba.com, and search the dealer name under our Dealer Locator. Only Authorized Sherwood Scuba Retailers are listed on our website.
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