Avid BCD

Avid BCD

MSRP: $696.00 USD

*Available for purchase from your Authorized Sherwood Scuba Dealer

Part #: AVD701

Jacket-Style BCD

Embark on your deep-sea adventure with the AVID BCD, the ultimate buoyancy companion for unparalleled underwater exploration. Designed with a jacket-style embrace, this buoyancy compensator ensures effortless flotation, eliminating the squeeze with its 3-D air cell and suspension strap system. The CQR-4 weight integration system adds a secure fit, making installation and removal a breeze. Dive into comfort and achieve the perfect swimming body position with the AVID BCD – your gateway to underwater freedom. 

WARNING: Safe use of BCs with integrated weights requires a complete understanding of their operation and limitation. Consult the BC operating manual and your diving instructor to be certain you understand how to weight yourself properly and what to do in an emergency. Failure to understand and act appropriately could result in serious injury or death. 


• 3-D designed air cell that wraps around the body for exceptional stability.
• Removable and adjustable sternum strap.
• Four-point air release valves for optimum buoyancy control.
• Two non-releasing trim weight pockets for enhanced stability.
• Available in sizes: XS - 5XL 



The new Avid is a robust, full featured BC that provides tremendous comfort, fit and styling. The hydrodynamic jacket style bladder provide a more noticeable comfort than other similar BCs on the market today. With the neoprene padded neck roll, the Avid is the perfect live aboard style BC. After numerous dives the chaffing and irritation you might experience is completely eliminated. 

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