Axis BCD

Axis BCD

MSRP: $675.00 USD

*Available for purchase from your Authorized Sherwood Scuba Dealer

Part #: AXS103


The Sherwood Axis BCD has undergone a makeover, maintaining its comfortable fit and incredible function, just with a fresh appearance. Sherwood’s Three Point Harness (3PH) allows additional micro adjustments to the waistband, shoulder straps, and cummerbund that all provide the diver with a comfortable fit and a stable BCD. The Axis pulls the scuba cylinder right up against the small of your back and eliminates all tank shifting. The NEW CQR-4 weight integration system gives your weight pockets a more secure fit and are easier to install and remove.

WARNING: Safe use of BCs with integrated weights requires a complete understanding of their operation and limitation. Consult the BC operating manual and your diving instructor to be certain you understand how to weight yourself properly and what to do in an emergency. Failure to understand and act appropriately could result in serious injury or death. 


• 3PH Three Point Harness
• Improved Pocket Design
• Delrin Zippers and Pulls
• Integrated and Adjustable Cummerbund
• Waistbands support the weight integration
• NEW CQR-4 weight integration system

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