Onyx ARL Mask

Onyx ARL Mask

MSRP: $127.00 USD

*Available for purchase from your Authorized Sherwood Scuba Dealer

Part #: MA46BS

ANti-reflective lenses (ARL)

Building upon the success of our best-selling Onyx mask, we've elevated the experience by upgrading the lenses with Anti-Reflective Coating (ARL). These cutting-edge ARL lenses, starting as Sherwood Crystal Clear lenses, undergo a meticulous process to minimize light reflection. By reducing light reflection, more light is able to reach the diver's eyes, resulting in enhanced contrast and optical clarity. While typical tempered lenses allow 92% of light to pass through and Crystal Clear lenses permit 95%, ARL lenses elevate the experience by enabling 98% of light to reach the diver's eyes. Immerse yourself in unparalleled visibility and clarity with the Onyx ARL scuba mask.


• Low Profile Low Volume Mask 
• Anti Reflective Lenses 
• Stealthy matte black finish 
• Push button buckle

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