Oasis Pro Regulator

Oasis Pro Regulator

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Part #: SRB9750

Regulator Set

Unleash the full potential of your underwater adventures with the Oasis Pro Regulator. Boasting the cutting-edge Moisture Retention Vanes (MRV) System, the Oasis Pro stands as Sherwood's pinnacle in moisture management technology. Dive into unparalleled comfort as the MRV ensures optimal moisture during inhalation without any compromise in breathing performance. At the core of this innovation is the 9000 Series 1st Stage, a one-of-a-kind, patented design that incorporates Sherwood's groundbreaking Air-Assisted Depth-Compensation (A2-DC) Technology. A2-DC dynamically responds to changes in ambient pressure, utilizing internal pneumatic force to expertly compensate for chamber variations. The outcome? An environmentally sealed and dry 1st Stage that exhibits unparalleled responsiveness to external pressure fluctuations.Experience the Oasis Pro Regulator – where moisture retention meets diving excellence, taking your underwater encounters to new depths.


• Four LP Ports and Two HP Ports
• Environmentally Sealed and Dry. Minimal corrosion extends regulator performance
• Flow By Piston
• A2-DC Balanced Regulator


• The MRV, dual Vane System uses two similarly shaped vanes; the lower vane is solid and the top vane has 5 moisture capturing vents. The moisture is captured between the two vanes and upon inhalation the moisture returns to the diver.
• Free Parts for Life (Restrictions Apply) 
• This regulator is suitable for water temperatures warmer than 50oF (10oC). 

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