Sherwood Scuba is proud to have Instructors, Dive Masters, and Dive Guides around the world representing our Brands well.  Get to know some of the Diplomats for Sherwood Scuba.

Gu Fidelis

Gu is a Maui-based Master Scuba Diver Trainer who discovered his love for scuba diving during his first experience in Brazil's coast back in 2000. Teaching others and helping them overcome their fears, coupled with the serenity he feels underwater, keeps him smiling at 5am every day. As a dedicated advocate for ocean conservation, Gu wholeheartedly endorses and utilizes Sherwood products.


Jason Beck is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and currently working for Kraken Scuba as an Instructor. When he's not teaching Health education at Schalmont High School, you can find him teaching scuba, running Sunday Fun Dives on lakes around our area or servicing dive equipment for Kraken Scuba. The diversity of the diving community is what motivates Jason to continue to learn. He enjoys discovering new aquatic environments, meeting new and interesting people, and having opportunities to share his own experiences and skills with others that have the same passion for diving. 

Bruce Robinson

Bruce happened to be in Aqua Sports while fellow Sherwood Diplomat Mike Sahakian was running around busy helping customers. He began helping out other customers on his own and once things calmed down Bruce asked Mike what time he should start the next day. Since then he has managed the Aqua Sports shop in Fresno, CA. and has been the best thing to happen to Mike and Aqua Sports. 

Bruce loves being able to help new students enjoy their dives, or when a piece of equipment he recommends makes their dive more comfortable and enjoyable. He always loves sharing experiences with new divers and talking about all the fun underwater critters. 

Mike Sahakian

Mike’s dive journey began back when he was a teenager with gear he purchased from a local hardware store. It wasn’t long after that he was hooked and soon was opening his own Dive shop, Aqua Sports Dive Shop, in Fresno that has been in operation for close to 40 yrs.

In 2014 Mike chased his dream of TV stardom along with the hope of promoting a positive viewpoint of the underwater world. He produced 12 episodes of a series titled Aqua Sports Expeditions where they highlight the world of snorkelling, scuba diving, and dive travel.
 Aqua Sports Expeditions

Johanas Kile

Johanas is a Master SCUBA Diver Training Instructor for Salem SCUBA DEA and loves watching when one of his student’s faces light up as they take their first breath in the pool then again when they get to dive in the open water. Currently, He hosts 2 annual events that welcomes everyone to come and enjoy while expanding their dive community. Sharing the underwater world with new divers is what drives Johanas so be sure to check out his Underwater Pumpkin carving competition or his New Years Day dive.

Brad Christensen

Brad Christensen has always been around diving. Growing up in a dive shop that was owned by his parents and now working with his brothers shop in Shelly Idaho, Brad's life is intertwined with all things diving. Today he is a dive professional with Inland Scuba in Shelly Idaho, and loves teaching new students. Brad loves the serenity that diving brings and loves been transported to a whole new world and environment when he goes below the surface.

Hollis Romanchik

Ever since Hollis responded to a Craiglist ad for a dive shop retail position she has loved the industry and never looked back. A boat captain, and a dive instructor on the island of Maui, Hollis loves that she can dive the same site hundreds of times and never have the same. "You never know what you are going to get in the ocean!" Hollis is planning on sailing to Tahiti soon to explore new sites and search for humpbacks whales!

Terry Humphfreys

The moment Terry walked into a dive shop one day in 1999, he opened his first dive shop, called Off The Hook Diving, in Lacey Washington. Terry has been actively involved in the Diving Industry for over 20 years now & he enjoys the camaraderie and sense of community that the diving community offers.  In addition of becoming an instructor, he is also an avid learner and always willing to advance his skills like taking several Technical Diving courses throughout the years. 

Valerie Pappalardo

Valerie thinks that being underwater, scuba diving, with so much life to admire and never seen by the everyday person is a glimpse into another world. Valerie has been active in the scuba industry since 2019, organizing underwater & beach clean ups along with helping out at the local dive shop.  "Scuba makes your imagination come to live in ways you wouldn't believe".   

Lindsay Brady

Ever since Lindsay was very young she wanted to be like a mermaid; breath underwater and be able to become friends with all the sea creatures of the underwater realm like Sea Horses & Octopi. She is the Store Manager at Coral Sea Scuba LLC in Grand Pass OR, She is active in the local diving community organizing Summer events and diving trips all over the world.  She believes that there is no greater feeling than the excitement of having a great group of divers descending together on a new adventure in diving!

Ocean Eco Tours Team

Robert Hemsher (AKA Radical Rob) owner of Ocean Eco Tours has been involved in the Diving Industry since 1996, and is the proud owner of Ocean Eco Tours.  Rob appreciates the reliability of Sherwood Scuba equipment.
Heather Howard is a Dive Master staff at Ocean Eco Tours and also founder of Coral Reef Education Institute, a non-profit dedicated to teach people coral education courses & ocean conservation. 
Paul Badgley has been involved in the diving industry for 40 years starting as a commercial diver for WSU and also as a dive instructor for the USCG.  He is also a co-founder of Coral Reef Education Institute. 


Eddie is the Lead Instructor and Manager of Woods & Water Outdoor Sports Center Inc. in Brandon, FL. He is an SSI Platinum Dive Master Instructor with over 1300 dives, he has introduced over 500 people to the wonderful world of scuba diving. "People are amazing! We are not intended to breathe underwater, yet we developed specialized equipment to help us overcome this challenge. People are 70% water, our world is 70% water, and I want to share my passion of SCUBA Diving with everyone so they may experience all that our underwater world has to offer."


"I am drawn to scuba diving because it is a truly alien world. It is the closest that I'll be able to get to being in outer space without working for NASA or SpaceX and I'm far more likely to find some sort of creepy life-form under the waves than out of the atmosphere. " Samuel manages the day operations at Scuba Hut and dives with our Spectrum Tangine Mask and Elite Fins.


Don Pierce has been diving since 1989. As a co-owner of Off the Hook Diving he enjoys training divers of all levels. He finds it extremely rewarding to help people reach their goals and foster a love for the ocean. "Diving is pure adventure and that's probably what got me cave diving. There is nothing more adventurous than hiking through the jungle to dive underground."


Eric Larson left his career as a healthcare administrator to open a dive shop and be a dive boat captain. Today, he own's Shark Quest Dive Shop with his business partner Nick Jones. They run a full service dive shop and their primary line of gear is Sherwood / AKONA / Genesis and run dive charter out of Destin, FL. When asked what drives his passion of diving, Eric stated: "Personally I enjoy the moment that you slip below the water and the rest of the world disappears. The rest of the dive is just icing on the cake. Seeing someone come up from their first training dive and then first dive off a boat is awesome, you see that smile on their face and you know that we all have one more dive buddy!!"


James started in the industry as a recreational diver with Scuba Steves Dive Shop in Tyler, TX, who is now a Dive Master, assisting with student instruction on a regular basis. His entire life he has enjoyed the water and exploring, where he states that diving allows him to get the most out of his time. James dives with the SR2 Regulator.


Being in the dive industry for the past 30 years, Normand's favorite part of diving is experiencing the different underwater environments around the world. He first fell in love with diving after heading to Cozumel with El Mar diving center, after which, he seeked his instructor certification.


Jamen Elliot is a diving instructor and on the fire department water rescue team member and instructor. He enjoys being able to use the skills to help people and to explore environments that cannot be explored any other way. He dives with our Axis BCD and Amphos 2.0 Computer.


Eric Simmons is the Manager at Scuba Hut along with being PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. He loves the community of diving and the fun, smiles and comradery that divers all over the world have with each other. Eric dives with a Blizzard, Axis BCD and Sherwood Tangine Spectrum Mask.


Brian is currently a Manager at Divers Down LLC, Webster, TX. Brian started diving with friends and he not only enjoys the fun that comes along with diving but the continued learning that comes along with scuba diving.


John has been diving for 20 years and is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and teaches many specialty courses. He also works with organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters to give youth opportunities to experience scuba in a controlled environment. As a diver, John views scuba like meditation. "Being underwater is calming and peaceful. As a professional, I get a sense of accomplishment when I am able to share my passion for scuba and the marine environment with others."


Kory Christensen, manages Bamboo Reef Diving Centers in San Francisco, as well as teaches from basic open water, all the way through Assistant Instructor. Leading both local and international dive trips with clients, Kory enjoys everything about diving.  After 23 years in the dive industry Kory Christensen states that “Being underwater is so much better then being on land.”


Marc began diving while in the Marine Corps. After being honorably discharged, many years had passed since he dove, yet the passion stilled burned and only the water could put it out.  On a Caribbean trip with family, Marc again plunged under the blanket of the ocean and his mistress returned. In December of 2012, Marc opened Family Fun Scuba & Snorkel and it has flourished. Now, Marc and his team have a great facility, are proactive in the community and are champions for the oceans. His team is now is in the process of putting together the first adaptive aquatics program (Montana Adaptive Aquatics Program) and in a five state area.


Scott Totten loves the adventure and excitement that scuba diving brings.  He made his start in the dive industry when he wanted to learn how to scuba dive for dredging. Scott is an advanced open water diver with several specialty certifications, while also a certified reg repair tech and visual tank inspector and part owner of Family Fun Scuba and Snorkel. “I love the peacefulness  of the under water world and the variety of amazing  aquatic life that diving allows me to see.”


William discovered diving in Okinawa Japan when he was stationed there as a Marine. Being in the industry for 30 years, William enjoys the time spent with his wife and close friends, "Scuba Diving gives us a common activity that we all enjoy." 


Marlene has been diving since 1977, and is currently consulting and into Underwater Photography and dive traveling the world, retired PADI Course Director.  "It is my happy place, where I am the least stressed, but every time I get into the water is an opportunity to capture the next great underwater photo and to guide and create passion for new divers, and as well as seasoned divers."


Brian was hooked on all things water at the age of 5. A new, revolutionary TV series was introduced, named Sea Hunt, followed shortly thereafter by the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau that set the stage for a 49 yr (and counting) hobby. Certifying as a NAUI/ACUC Scuba Diver at the age of 16, Brian explored every local body of water within bicycling distance of east end Toronto. Currently holding instructor certifications with SSI and NAUI and teaching for Groundhog Divers in Kitchener, Ontario, he is an active cave diver making 3 or 4 trips out of the country a year to explore destinations such as Orda Cave in Russia and Florida and Mexican sinks (cenotes) yet still managing to dive the cold fresh water wrecks of the Great Lakes 150+ times a year.


Belle McEwen loves to spend time in the water and values marine conservation. Working at Gaspars Dive N' Board in Englewood Florida, Belle is advancing towards instructor. Belle also has a conservation team, "Green Tide Conservation," who do clean up dives and beach clean-ups.


Ed Ciesla has been an avid diver since 1976 and became a SCUBA instructor in 1982. Ed has over 6,400 dives under his belt, and he has certified over 2,500 new divers. In 1989, Ed was certified by the HSA (Handicapped SCUBA Association) in SCUBA instruction for the handicapped. Ed and our other instructors also train for the Dive Pirates Foundation. Ed is an Instructor Trainer for Scuba Schools International and is 1 of 4 Instructor Trainers in Florida. 


Amy Slate might be entering her 37th year in the scuba diving business, but she has not lost an ounce of her enthusiasm for diving, ocean preservation or the Key Largo community she has called home since the 1970s. Owner and operator of Amy Slate's Amoray Dive Resort, she is living a dream of being connected to marine life that began when she was a child growing up in Miami. “Not everyone can live their passion, but if you do what you love, the rest will follow.”  Amy's life's work has been involved with providing a comfortable, safe Dive Boat and Resort for divers of all ages and an environment conducive to sharing and teaching them about our amazing underwater world and their precious creatures below, not only to love and admire them and our oceans, but to protect them and help them thrive for future generations.


Bob started diving with his father, as a young lad and now is a dive charter boat Captain for WaterHorse Adventures on Lake George. Bob loves being a part of the dive community and dives with a Sherwood Axis BCD.


Frank, over his 40 years of scuba diving, has lived all over the Caribbean but currently is a scuba instructor at Captain Hook's Dive Center. He continues to educate people about the importance of the ocean and maintaining its health. His next project is teaching people how to plant corals.


Jim Rider is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and he got certified as a Reef Check Citizen Scientist and stays involved through local dive clubs. Jim Rider has always enjoyed outdoor activities; backpacking, climbing, skydiving, skiing and others. When he came home from the military service his friends were involved in scuba. They invited Jim to join them in the underwater world, where his eyes were opened up to "new and wondrous things." He has been hooked ever since.


Jon has been diving for 4 years and was hooked ever since he tried in on vacation in Jamaica. Today he is a Dive Master and DSD Leader with his Sherwood Scuba SR2 Regulator. "It is still amazing that to me that 90% of the habitable world is under the water. So to seek out the new creatures and habitats that you will only see through a dive mask is some of the most exciting moments for me. That and then bringing back those experiences to my customers and students so that can be as excited as me for their next dive."


Martin started his dive journey wanting to take better underwater pictures. After getting his Open Water certification, he went on to become a Divemaster and eventually made it to Instructor. “Love to see the life that lives right below the surface. Fresh or Salt water, warm or cold, each has its unique enjoyment. Seeing others get to see sealife they have always wanted to see or go to an awesome place and come back with a story that shows their enjoyment.” Martin dives with a. Blizzard Pro Regulator and a Wisdom 4 Computer.


After his local dive shop closed, and the next closest one miles way, Bob decided to open his own dive shop: Phillips Dive Shack. Bob was certified in 2002 and is currently working on his Dive Master up to Instructor rating. He enjoys the freedom, peace and serenity he gets from diving.


Trent has been scuba diving since 2012 and has continued to work with Steve's Scuba shop as a Dive Master and Instructor. He loves introducing people to a live long journey they can enjoy for years. Trent enjoys representing the Sherwood brand and sharing his expertise with his students.


Josh started his Scuba journey with the Boy Scout Merrit Badge which quickly turned into a 10 year passion. His passion continues to grow as the Dive Master in Scuba Steve's Dive shop. Josh is currently an engineer but would love to make scuba diving his full-time career. Josh prefers the Sherwood SR2 and the Wisdom 4 to accompany him on his adventures, where he likes to escape reality.


Dan is a NAUI Instructor Trainer and HSA Certified Instructor who is actively teaching and leading 2 to 3 dive trips per year. Dan learned to scuba dive while stationed in North Carolina in 1973 and loves seeing new people experience the world of scuba. Armed with the SR2 Regulator and the Remora Octo, Dan continues to dive at Inland Water Divers in Arizona.


Eric has been a certified diver for 23 years, with 13 years of experience as a Dive Master. His first regulator was a Sherwood Maximus. Together with his wife Carrie, he owns and operates Garden Isle Divers on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. They offer guided dive tours from shore and from boat and they also conduct training and complete a wide assortment of PADI certifications each year. Like many people, Eric has a powerful need for adventure. As a father of four, he insists that his adventures be safe and scuba diving is the perfect solution. Nothing else offers the degree of exhilaration with the same excellent safety record.


Jeff Merkel began his love affair with scuba diving while studying physics at Temple University. After sharing a Discover Scuba dive with his wife he decided to pursue a career change, and became a full time dive professional in 2012. Jeff is the owner of Aqua Adventures in Frazer, PA an Assistant Instructor Trainer with SSI and he have the Platinum Instructor rating, where they issue around 150 certifications per year. Jeff uses the Axis with Gemini, Blizzard Pro, and Amphos Air for all of the certification dives at the local quarry with new & continuing education students. Jeff has been diving for 25+ years and a shop owner for 7 years.


Growing up loving the water, Drew, tries to dive as often as he can. As a Dive Master at The Scuba Shop in Mesa, Arizona, he manages to dive quite a bit. Drew has been diving for 5 years and prefers to use the Sherwood 1000 Lumen Flashlight when diving.

Colin Lee

Colin grew up in San Pedro, Ambergris Cay Belize while his father managed a dive shop. When he was 18 he moved to Hawaii and worked in the diving business there. He became an instructor at the age of 20 and taught in Maui for 2 years. After Hawaii he moved to Florida and worked in the diving business there. At the age of 27 he is now one of the owners of Pineapple Scuba on Oakland Park Blvd in Ft Lauderdale. Colin dives with the Oasis Pro Regulator, Remora Octo, Axis BCD and Wisdom 4 computer.

Glen Faith

Glen Faith is the proud owner of Mermet Springs.  Mermet Springs is one of the most popular dive quarries in the nation and can be found in southern Illinois.  Glen is an avid supporter of Sherwood Scuba.  Glen dives regularly with his Sherwood SR2 Regulator, Avid BC, and Wisdom Dive Computer.  Glen has been diving Sherwood equipment since 1988 and is a Platinum Pro Instructor. When not at the shop and quarry Glen can be found leading dive trips around the globe.