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Jun 01, 2007
Big is Beautiful, Wisdom 2

June 2007 - Sport Diver Magazine –

Sherwood's New Air-Integrated Wisdom 2 Combines a Sleek Console and a Monster Display

There are oodles of virtues worth extolling in today’s crop of mighty minis. You know, those dive computers the size of a sports watch but powerful enough to reposition the Hubble space telescope. They are fantastic little wonders, but none of them has the one thing that makes the Wisdom 2 one of the smartest buys in diving — BFN.
BFN stands for “Big Fat Numbers.” The BFN quotient is usually underrated by twenty-something dive dudes, but to anyone with less than perfect vision, BFN can mean everything. Even for those with great eyesight, it can make diving easier. One glance at a computer with BFN is all you need to surmise tank pressure, remaining no-deco time, depth and the possibility of chasing down an Eagle Ray for one last photo op.
The Wisdom 2 has a BFN rating that’s off the charts, and it puts this incredibly clear and easy-to-read display in a streamlined console that’s more robust and durable than the original Wisdom. Three dive modes — air, nitrox and gauge — cover every diving scenario except multi-gas use. Two buttons, one at the base of the display and another on the unit’s right side, allow divers to navigate through the computer’s modes and settings. I especially like that these controls are placed so a diver can manipulate both using just one hand.
While diving, the Wisdom 2 displays tank pressure on the bottom of the screen in large, easy-to-read numbers. I found this to be both intuitive and helpful, especially since my dive buddy could check my tank pressure without pulling the computer right up to his face. Above the tank pressure are displays for dive time, depth, max depth and other data. Along the sides of the display are bar graphs that give a quick visual reference for nitrogen and oxygen loading.
Behind this brilliantly simple display are a proven algorithm and a good level of user customizability. Nitrox divers can adjust FO2 between 21 and 50 percent, and set PO2 anywhere from 1.2 to 1.6 ata. A slew of audible and visual alarms are also available and accessed through an easy-to-use menu that lets divers toggle each one off or on and then set parameters. I was able to choose alarms for max depth, turn-around pressure, reservetank pressure and ascent rate.
For the incorrigible dive planner, the Wisdom 2 offers a simulator that allows users to walk through any dive scenario before it happens, and a repetitive- dive planning function takes into account nitrogen loading from previous dives. And, should you slip into decompression, the Wisdom 2 will calculate deco stops down to 60 feet. While I didn’t have a pressing need for either of these functions, one I did appreciate was the HydraGlow screen illumination, which turns the computer display into a runway beacon. If there’s one way to improve BFN, it’s with good lighting.
Sherwood Wisdom 2 air-integrated dive computer
Impressions A great all-around computer for divers who want air integration and a console-style computer that’s effortless to read. Sleek and easy to stow, the Wisdom 2 is also highly durable.
Key Features Airintegrated computer with air, nitrox and gauge modes. Large screen and easy-tonavigate menu let divers customize a wide range of alarms and settings. PC-compatible with purchase of cable (software included). HydraGlow illumination and user-replaceable battery add convenience.
MSRP $800 Contact

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